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Master feature nameFeature reference #Feature name
Report TemplatesPLNTBST-1P&ID Line List
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-7Tee Pole (Tube and Structural Tub)
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-8Multi-Level trapeze with rod and angle
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-19Clevis Rod with Hanger
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-20Clevis Hanger with Rod and Beam Clamp
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-21Clevis hanger with Rod and Scissor Clamp
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-22Clevis Hanger with Rod and Square Washers
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-23Elbow Hanger with Rod and Beam Clamp
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-24Hexclamp
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-25Hexclamp with Beam Attachment
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-27Hexclamp with Grommets and Beam Attachment
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-28Hexclamp with PVC Sleeve
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-29Hexclamp with PVC Sleeve and Beam Attachment
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-30Kneebrace with Angles
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-31Kneebrace (Inverted) with Angles
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-32Kneebrace (Tiered) with Angles
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-33Kneebrace with Wide Flanges
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-34Kneebrace (Inverted) with Wide Flanges
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-35Kneebrace (Tiered) with Wide Flanges
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-36Roof-Mounted Support
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-37Roof Mounted Support (Single Horizontal)
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-38Roof Mounted Roller 3in - 4in - 6in - 8in
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-39Stanchion Adjustable Pipe
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-40Stanchion Adjustable Pipe with Channel
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-41Stanchion Cradle
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-42Steel Support Angle
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-43Steel Support Angle with Vertical Angle
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-44Steel Support Wide Flange
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-45Steel Support Wide Flange with Vertical Wide Flange
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-46Swivel Ring Hanger with Rod
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-47Swivel Ring Hanger with Rod and Beam Clamp
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-48Swivel Ring Hanger with Rod and Scissor Clamp
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-49Swivel Ring Hanger with Rod and Square Washers
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-50Teepole with Post
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-51Teepole with Channel and Angle
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-52Teepole with Angle
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-53Teepole with Wide Flange
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-54Trapeze on Beam and Column with Hilti
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-55Trapeze on Beam and Column with Angles
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-56Trapeze on Beam and Column with Unistrut
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-57Trapeze on Beam and Column with Wide Flanges
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-58Trapeze (Tiered) on Beam and Column with Wide Flanges
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-59Trapeze with Beam and Angles
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-60Trapeze with Beam and Wide Flanges
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-61Trapeze (Tiered) with Channels and Angle
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-62Trapeze with Hilti
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-63Trapeze with Angles
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-64Trapeze with Angle and Rods
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-65Trapeze with Unistrut
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-66Trapeze with Unistrut and Rods
Steel SupportsPLNTBST-67Trapeze with Wide Flanges


Includes Steel Supports Bundle

Easily Place and Manipulate Supports – Additional AutoCAD Plant 3D Auxiliary Steel Supports: hangers, roof mounted supports, clamps, trapeze, teepoles, knee braces and aux steel.

Feature Advantage – A short summary explaining common situations that require the use and examples of a feature.

Feature Guide – A detailed guide showing how to implement the configuration on a new and on an existing project (if applicable).

How we Organize Documentation

Required Configuration Items – the files and settings you need to implement a configuration

Demo Configuration – A test project or files so you can experience the configuration from a user’s point of view

Feature Usage – A detailed guide teaching user’s how to use Plant 3d with the configuration in place.

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