Create and edit P&ID's, 3D models, and exact piping orthographics and isometrics with industry-specific toolsets for plant design.

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Plant Design Toolset for AutoCAD

The industry-specific Plant 3D toolset for plant design is now included with AutoCAD. AutoCAD Plant 3D is specification-driven for creating 3D models of process plant components. Users can route pipe, add equipment, add additional components, and include support structures. Anything modeled in AutoCAD can be referenced into the Plant 3D model in order to create a complete digital representation of the process plant facility.

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AutoCAD Plant 3D and P&ID are both designed to allow users to collaborate within a central project database, as well as work “off-line” on a project drawing. At times, the most current source of data may be the drawing itself rather than the project database. Constant synchronization is required during the editing process, as well as certain unique processes during Open and Save operations.

Each component placed in a P&ID drawing has data that links to the Data Manager. Using Data Manager, users can view data reports, export them to a spreadsheet or a CSV (comma separated values) file and import them back into the program.

- Quick PID drafting with in-context AutoCAD commands

- Project-specific tag and report formats enable customization to client standards.

- Data validation quickly determines data consistency and identifies potential errors.

- P&ID industry-standard symbol libraries in tool palettes

- Components - equipment (pumps, tanks, vessels), nozzles (flanged or flow), instruments (control valves, flow meters, instrument bubbles), inline components (valves and reducers), non-engineering items (connectors, flow arrows, other items lacking reportable data).

- Schematic lines - pipe lines (primary and secondary line segments, jacketed pipe segments) and signal lines (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic).

- Create, edit. rename, update, or delete piping orthographic drawings directly from the 3D model.

- Product automated piping isometrics directly from the 3D model.

- Automatically populate project-specific reports directly from the 3D model.

- Collaborate with other disciplines to create and share BIM models of the plant.

Piping Documentation


- Rapid Plant Modeling in 3D using parametric equipment, structural steel and piping specs from industry-standard catalogs

- Parametric equipment templates for faster plant layouts

- Structural modling using industry-standard steel sections

- Creation of project-specific piping specifications to meet job requirements


Support your toolset with hangers, clamps, and more.

We know you need additional AutoCAD Plant 3D Auxiliary Steel Supports, Hangers and Clamps and Applied Software has developed them for you. Introducing our Steel Supports for Plant 3D Bundle!

Gone are the days of stick-building supports with steel shapes and then exploding them to clean them up before converting them to intelligent supports so that they will appear on your isos and reports. We have the solution you need!

Plant 3D Boost

Expertly pre-configured project templates, catalog content, report templates, and implementation guides for the Autodesk Plant 3D Toolset.
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