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AutoCAD Plant 3D
User Training

Shorten implementation time vs self-paced learning allows projects to get on schedule while developing your team’s Plant 3D IQ.

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The Plant 3D User training courses cover all aspects of the software and trains users in core workflows used by Plant 3D. Users that have taken the training will be able to create intelligent P&IDs and build models that can create BOM snapshots at any point in time. Users will also know how to create intelligent labels in orthographic drawings like plans and sections, and they can generate piping isometrics with callouts.

Syllabus Overview

  • P&ID Drafting
  • Tagging
  • Annotations
  • Data Management
  • Drawing Links and Reports

  • Steel, Equipment and Pipe modeling
  • Orthographic Drawings
  • Isometrics
  • Reports


The class is delivered in the following formats:

Description Duration On-Site Remote
Full Class 4 Days Yes Yes
Full Class – 1/2 Day Sessions 8 Sessions No Yes
3D Piping Design 3 Days Yes Yes
P&ID 1 Day Yes Yes
P&ID – 1/2 Day Sessions 2 Sessions No Yes


The following requirements should be met to take the course:

Pricing Basis and ROM

Pricing based on the final content selected for class. Maximum 10 users per class.  To plan for next years budget, we recommend budgeting $8k for each class which will allow for the class and Q & A session time.

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