Plant Roadmap Workshop

Capture goals and define success

What outcome do you want?

For new or existing Plant 3D users, customers who define desired outcomes prior to Plant 3D training and Plant 3D admin training are able to accomplish their goals and measure success. We have created the Plant Roadmap Workshop to facilitate conversations capturing goals and defining success measures. Your Plant 3d user training and Plant 3D admin training will be executed in context of your desired business goals.


Winning Business

Winning business can be impacted by your team’s comfort and adaptability with design technology. Faster turnaround and less costly bid packages can win clients.

In your roadmap workshop, target the bid process as a desired improvement, and we can identify the best workflows for improving your win rate.


Quality is driven by standardization and automation. Documented processes helps your team train each other and stay accountable for delivering a high-quality design. Automation and customization make standards easy to follow.

In your roadmap workshop, target quality as a desired improvement, and we can help evaluate where quality impacts design and construction.


Delivering on-time and on-budget is key your customer’s success. Unplanned outages, production inconsistencies, and re-work impact schedule.

In your roadmap workshop, target schedule as a desired improvement, and we will dive into your infrastructure and customizations to identify the highest priority issues.


Creating high design value for a reasonable cost ensures a bright future for your team.

In your roadmap workshop, target cost as a desired improvement, and we will look for strategies, tools and workflows to lower man-hours or avoid re-work while delivering on design value.

Workshop Outline

Before the workshop, we would like to educate ourselves about how you work.  We’ve prepared a guide to help you identify what to send us. One of our team members will reach out with a location to upload your samples for review.

During the workshop, we can follow a comprehensive guide or cover specific sections tailored to you. We tend to group conversations into the following categories:

  • Reports
  • Drawing Production
  • Content
  • Coordination
  • Work sharing
  • Integrations
  • Migration

Our team will take notes and capture recordings, so you can focus on the internal conversations that need to be explored. After the workshop, we’ll do some formatting and cleanup, make sure the issues are prioritized and clearly documented, and then setup one final call to review the workshop results. This conversation is valuable to set expectations for schedule, cost and priorities.

Getting Started?

Schedule a workshop and get on your way to accomplishing goals and measuring success.

Our Commitment

Our Plant Roadmap Workshop is $1000, and we will deliver a great experience to you and your team. Whether you are new to Plant 3d, or a long time user, we find many clients appreciate taking a step back from the daily grind, and taking the opportunity to communicate in meaningful ways to improve the future. Here’s three ways we believe the workshop will move you towards your desired outcome.

  • Documented Goals – Ensure your business objectives drive the implementation and establish metrics to gauge success.
  • Team Buy-In – Teams respond to change more positively when their input is part of the planning process.
  • Impact and Schedule Visibility – Identify tasks, level of effort for training, configuration and documentation.
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