PowerPack for

Advance Steel

For the professionals in the AEC industry, Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel is designed to improve everyday work and help deliver projects with increased productivity and efficiency. As an extension of Autodesk Advance Steel, the PowerPack extends Advance Steel functionalities by enhancing tools to provide better control and accuracy.

Why Buy PowerPack for Advance Steel?

Essential tools for every day’s needs

Modeling Tools
Vault Connection
Platform Cover Creator
Stairs and Railings
Synchronization Mechanism

The 5 key benefits of PowerPack for Advance Steel

  • Wide range of commands that aim to boost productivity
  • Highly versatile and specialized extensions for Stairs and Railings
  • Extended standard library with a variety of parametric and intelligent advanced connections
  • Complete BIM workflow based on GTCX file format
  • Regular updates with numerous customer driven enhancements


PowerPack for Specialized Designers Package

PowerPack for Stairs and Railings Designer

Need to Go Further With PowerPack for Advance Steel?

Build your 3D frame and store it in the library, in the blink of an eye 

Factory or Building

A tool to help you to define the geometry of a structure (rows, bays, levels), then the portal frames that will support the roof, intermediate columns, side and roof bracings, railing and purlins, including steel panels, or cladding, that cover the entire structure.

Intelligent BIM workflows

The functionalities of the Steel Structure Designer are able to run across multiple platforms including Autodesk® Advance Steel and Graitec Advance Design, enabling flexible and intelligent BIM workflows.


The macro incorporates a library which gives the possibility to save all configurations and types of structures for later usage.

Features in Action

What’s New

Fixing Lugs Connections

STEP/IGES – Colour and Layer

Linking Glass Clamps to the Railing Macro


Horizontal and Sloping Rails

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