PowerPack for Autodesk

Advance Steel Features


Modeling Tools

The PowerPack for Advance Steel comes with a large number of modeling tools that aim to boost productivity and accuracy. The user has a set of simple and intuitive commands like Beam Repeated or Beam Continuous that creates straight, and curved/ poly beams. For more complex sections the Corrugated, Castellated, Cellular, or  Beam with Openings are the right choice. 

Vault Connection

The Add Parameters tools offers a set of commands to add additional shared parameters for PowerPack for Advance Steel extends the standard library with a variety of parametric and intelligent advanced connections:       

  • Threaded Rod Connection
  • Tube to Tube Connection
  • Purlin Connection
  • Plates on Profile
  • Plate for Multiple Bracings
  • Curved End Plate
  • Plate & Grating Stiffeners

Platform Cover Creator

Platform Cover Creator is one of the stars of the PowerPack thanks to its versatility. The joint helps to automatically create grating or plate cover based on selected members, and gives the user many possibilities: 

  • create covers even if the contours are not closed
  • split covers directly from the joint by beams or by points
  • add bolts on edges
  • add additional contours


Formats widely requested by many manufacturers for designing molds or for pricing manufactured parts, the export in IGES and STEP formats completes the PowerPack solution. These types of file formats make it easier to send files to third applications for the fabrication process.       

Stairs and Railings

Stairs and railings can be easily customized within the PowerPack for Advance Steel dialog box. The interface elements offer a consistent structure, which makes it fast and efficient. Users can choose from numerous features and options for stairs & railings configuration, with editable parameters (dimensions, steps, treads, strides, connection types, etc.) to get the required structure. The comprehensive system enables all modifications to parameters to be updated automatically, in real-time. Any structure designed with this tool can be stored in the library for future projects.

Synchronization Mechanism

Based on the GTCX file format, the synchronization mechanism completes the BIM workflow.  The main benefits of the synchronization mechanism are:
• Ability to make changes in the Advance Design model without losing the information already available in the model
• Control any details of the synchronization process:
  – See in detail the entire parameter hierarchy for each object.
 – See exactly what parameters are different.
 – Take different decisions for the parameters of a single object.
 – Display both, the host and synchronization file values for a parameter
  – Advanced filters: header filters, search filters
 – Advanced selection
  – Synchronization step by step
  – Bring FEM results
• Available on all platforms

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