PowerPack for

Autodesk Revit

Graitec’s PowerPack for Revit is a key differentiator in effective project delivery. The PowerPack puts performance, automation, and capability in the hands of design teams to help reduce errors, eliminate repetitive tasks, improve project quality and increase operational efficiency and profitability.

Why Buy PowerPack for Revit?

Speed up daily repetitive tasks, increase productivity, reduce errors and enable workflows with Graitec Design Software. 

Family Manager 
Element Lookup 
Work Tracker
BIM Connect

The 5 key benefits of PowerPack for Revit

  • Wide range of commands that aim to boost productivity.
  • Use advanced features to reduce errors on repetitive tasks or complex manipulation on Revit models.
  • A complete BIM workflow based on GTCX file format, enabling advanced data and model exchange between Revit and Graitec Design Software.
  • A large set of tools to manage and control your Revit Projects, from batch upgrade Revit files, batch export Revit sheets or  tracking time spent on working on a Revit file.
  • Regular updates with numerous customer driven enhancements.


PowerPack for Premium Concrete Package

PowerPack for Concrete Design Package

Discover PowerPack Standard: an Intuitive and Personalized Revit Experience

  • An essential tool for everyday Revit users
  • An exceptional value for money
  • A powerful collection of over 70 tools to enhance your everyday Revit experience
  • Designed to save you time and money by optimizing your Revit workflows,
  • Work quicker and easier than ever before in Revit.

Need to Go Further With PowerPack for Revit?

Speed up repetitive tasks with a large set of productivity tools, highly customizable to save time of various manual actions.

Join or Unjoin Connection

This specific feature will  automatically generate clean intersections by creating rules between categories that include floors walls, and foundations).

Dimension Line Tools

Tools dedicated to speed up dimension line generation or modification. Create a set of dimension lines for walls and grids. Convert an intersecting line to a dimension string. Join individual dimensions to a single chain.

3D View for Each Level

Commands dedicated to quickly create one view per each 3D level in Revit, which will save a significant amount of time. Various settings are possible to make views ready for tagging or placing into Revit Sheets.

Features in Action

Link to Excel

Numbering Tools

Element Lookup

Family Manager

3D Views Command

Automate Dimension Lines

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