PowerPack for

Autodesk Revit Features


Batch Export

This new command is a general functionality to export Revit Sheets and Revit views into multiple target formats.

Thus, users will be able to quickly export RevitĀ® views to any available format (PDF, IFC, NWC, DXF), all at once.

Add Parameter

The Add Parameters tools offers a set of commands to add additional shared parameters for specific type of objects, such as columns, walls, beams, slabs, lintels and sills.
All these parameters can be used, for example during the preparation of schedules, and can easily be used to filter the information.
Parameters are updated automatically, meaning that every time you’ve made changes in the model using the above features, PowerPack will apply said changes in the model.

Section Box

The section box extends in real-time with a simple mouse scrolling. In a 3D view , users can activate the Section Box tool simply by clicking on it under 3D Views tab. Once activated, the desired plane can be set to cut through X, Y, and Z – by clicking on drop-down icon (Z plane is on by default).
After selecting the desired plane,  just holding Ctrl+Middle Mouse Button (MMB) will swiftly cut through the plane

Pipe Openings

The Pipe Openings command creates and cuts openings in building elements around MEP components. It can be applied to Duct, Pipe, Conduits and Cable Tray elements, its major advantage being the ability to check the presence of openings in all structural elements from the dialog, as well as update and apply the configuration at any time.

File Managements Tools

Several tool are proposed to managed Revit files.
Firstly, the File Updater command will converts all the Revit files (.rvt; .rfa; .rte) from a former version of the program to the latest version installed on your computer

Instead of opening each project/family/template and waiting for the update process to complete, it just need to run the command for a folder and the procedure can run in the background of your computer.

Additionnal tools are availble as well to hep Revit Files Management such as automate removing backup files.
Else, a tool to purge before linking a Revit project is available. This command will easily purge the Revit Project and automatically transfer projects standards and levels coming from this link to Revit project host

Split Pipes MEP

The Split Pipes divides the ducts and pipes into smaller segments. It batch process all pipes and ducts to specified lengths, saving then a significant amount of time and guarantee a correct final configuration according settings initially set.