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Premium Concrete Features

Main Bars

The Main Bars command  allows quick generation of a full 3D reinforcement cage on selected concrete beams, columns, footings and walls.

By selecting a structural element such as beams, columns, footings or walls, a specific dialog box relative to each single category of structural element will enable users to configure in detail, a simple or more complex rebar cage including various type of bars (longitudinal, transversal, top or bottom starter…)  and settings (numbers, spacings, diameters …)

Generate Drawings

This tools will generates section, views and places them in a sheet view for several category of structural elements (such as beam, column, footing and walls). Based on users configuration and settings, it will automatically creates sheet views along with the associated section views of a single or multiple elements, in accordance with the options set.

Split Bars

Split rebar commands offer several tools to manage rebar splitting in Revit. By using certain rules (maximum length, exact number of splits, split per line) and use different methods of connections (lapping, cranking rebars or using mechanical couplers with or without staggered the repartition), PowerPack will automatically modify the length of rebar placed in the model. 

Openings Reinforcement

The Openings command is used to quickly generate constructive reinforcement around openings. The command supports the generation of reinforcement around openings on slabs and walls and allows for generating rebars for multiple separate openings at once. For a selected opening it opens the configuration window with parameters related to concrete cover and tabs for different reinforcement bar types.

Edge Reinforcement

The new Edge Reinforcement command is used to quickly generate structural reinforcement along the edges of elements such as slabs or walls.

This command works by selecting one (or more) edge face, so that the reinforcement can be generated for multiple configurations. The configuration window allows the setting of parameters for:

– Transverse reinforcement (open or closed)
–  Longitudinal bars, separately for vertical, top and bottom distributions

End Bar Symbol

The End Bar Symbol command, available on the Detailing ribbon, allows for a quick definition on 2D views a special symbol (tick and tag) showing location of ends of straight bars. It is useful especially for cases, when rebars overlap on the view. The End Bar Symbol command supports two usage scenarios:

– Called with existing rebar selection – symbols are defined automatically at both ends of selected bars
– Called without any selection – a symbol it is defined at the end which is closer to the indicated point on the bar

Premium Concrete Features

Calculate Structural Elements

The reinforcement designer, allows users to create, update and modify reinforcement cages for slabs, walls, beams, columns and footings. Reinforcement can be done automatically, based on numerous parameters and design results which can be either imported or set manually.

Constructive Dispositions

The Constructive Dispositions command  allows quick generation of a full 3D reinforcement cage on selected concrete beams, columns, footings and walls. The key is that the generated reinforcement is generated without full design calculations but in the same time it is compliant with the current program reinforcement settings and meets all minimum requirements according to selected design code. This functionality is especially useful when you want to generate (in seconds) a 3D reinforcement on an element and then use it as a base for preparing required reinforcement model, which can be done by adjusting obtained cage.

Create Group

This feature will combines structural elements  with similar geometric and structural assumptions into an assembly, to produce identical reinforcement bar cages for all grouped elements, based on theoretical reinforcement area envelopes and worst-case scenarios for geotechnical checks.

Generate Reports

This command generates custom reports relative to design assumptions and results , simplified and detailed, in accordance with the report templates settings.

The report is displayed in the ReportViewer tool, which allows printing and print previewing, as well as exporting to Excel, Word and PDF formats.


This command displays structural analysis results. Depending on the considered structural element, solicitations, stresses or interactions curves are graphically verified to satisfy the design criteria for linear elements. Multiple charts can be applied.

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