PowerPack for

Autodesk Vault

Graitec PowerPack for Autodesk® Vault® has functionalities to increase productivity, by speeding up your everyday Vault® data management tasks and workflows.  Deployment of extended data management functions, increase control and automation within Autodesk® Vault® Professional and Autodesk® Vault® Workgroup platforms.

Why Buy PowerPack for Vault?

Increase productivity for data management and outputs of the Vault and Inventor software.

File Export Tools
Assembly Structure Export tools
File Watermarking
Status Change Restriction 

The 5 key benefits of PowerPack for Vault

  • Automation of data management workflows with Autodesk® Vault®
  • Improved efficiency of Document management outputs with export commands to many formats
  • Combined Assembly Structures can be exported to improve efficiency in the management of these tasks within Autodesk® Vault®
  • Watermark features: easy application over multiple export file types, achieving a smoother workflow for Export formats.
  • Tools for the set up and control of status options within Vault: easier configuration of the rules behind these lifecycle controls

Need to Go Further With PowerPack for Vault?

Lifecycle Status Changes

 Use the integrated ‘Status change restrictions’ tool to prevent the change in a lifecycle of a component within Vault.  Makes the end user follow the correct process prior to any lifecycle change.

Export to Required Formats

Use the option ‘Export Structure to PDF/DXF’ to select an assembly within the vault and then export the entire assembly with its collective parts into an required Format of  PDF/DXF.

Watermark References

Make use of the ‘Watermark feature’ to allow the user to control the content and size of the stamp/watermark reference within the drawing workspace. 

Features in Action

Export to DWG

Export Files with Watermarks

Export IDW, DWG and IPT Files to DXF

Status Change Restrictions

Export Structure to PDF

Export IDW to PDF

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