PowerPack for

Autodesk Inventor

An add-in for Inventor that features an assortment of new functionalities that increase productivity, speed up your everyday modeling, and improve your workflows. Similarly, all manufacturing industry software users can easily add the PowerPack since it runs on top of Inventor.

Why Buy PowerPack for Inventor?

Speed up everyday modeling, increase productivity, and improve workflows within the Inventor workspace.

Visibility Enhancement
Purge Tools
Export File Properties 
Title Block Swap
Inspection Dimension Table
Tolerance Table 

The 5 key benefits of PowerPack for Inventor

  • Increased automation via export commands to different formats
  • Improved assembly and part data, ensuring clean and healthy component information
  • Enhanced drawing management with tools for drawing header change management
  • Export BOMS based upon complied materials setups
  • Tools that allow for a cleaner model workspace

Need to Go Further With PowerPack for Inventor?

Build your 3D frame and store it in the library, in the blink of an eye 

Export to DXF

Use the Integrated ‘Export to DXF’ for Sheet metal components for flat platter development, adding in part number, Description and other token fields,   control the layer designation for the different component elements.

Swap out Title Blocks

Need to change the Title block use the ‘Title block Swap out’ feature that allows use to select a new header required and then swap out that header within the current document.  

Inspection Information

Provide clear and concise information for the inspection department within the Drawing workspace.    Inspection Dimensions are displayed in a a clear tabular format.

Features in Action

Purge Tools

Enhanced Visibility

Block Swap

Inspection Dimensions

Browser Name

Tolerance table

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