PowerPack for Autodesk

Inventor Features


Visibility Enhancements

Within the PowerPack for Inventor, visibility tools allow users to enhance control over which elements they choose to see visually within their workspace. 

The range of options available to control the elements are:
• Switch off All
• Switch off Axis
• Switch off Planes
• Switch off Points
• Switch off Sketches
• Switch off Surfaces
These tools allow for a cleaner presentation of the main modelled components when a user is working within different aspects of the design process.

Purge Tools

‘Purge ‘ tools allow the user clean up parts and assembly files by getting rid of unwanted geometry and information.  This tool is comprised of several feature tools, as explained below:

Broken References

When removing a feature within the model, this can cause broken references within the model. This tool from the purge series allows the user to select and confirm the removal of these broken references, select prompts to confirm, and give feedback when completed.

Sick Relationships

During the modelling process, constraints are used to build relationships between elements. These can become disassociated–or as we’ve termed them, “Sick”–so using the sick relationship tool allows the user to remove these constraints and clean up the model, again with selection prompts and feedback upon deletion.

Unused Parameters

This tool will select all Parameters that are now redundant within the model with a prompt to confirm their selection and removal. It then displays a feedback prompt when the process is completed.

Unused Work Features

Selecting the Unused work features will prompt for the selection of Planes, Axis or Points that are not utilized within the model. The user receives a series of prompts to confirm selections and removal as part of the functionality of this useful cleanup tool.

Export File Properties 

Using the Export File properties command allows users to export all Assembly, Part, Drawing or Presentation iProperty information to a .txt file.  This document can then be shared with other users.  

Title Block Swap

The PowerPack ‘Title Block Swap’ feature allows a user to take the created drawing part of assembly file and change the page header part of the created document by simply selecting a new Header.IDW. This is then changed within the current document workspace. The user is then permitted to change out the header style of the document to suit client and user requirements.

Inspection Dimension Table

Set dimensions within a component as required for inspection and transpose them into a tabular format for the inspection department.  The inspection dimension table can be created within any drawing that has inspection dimensions, columns include label, size, and inspection rate. This provides the inspection department with quick and easy access to key dimensions required during the inspection of the component after manufacturing.

Tolerance Table

Set dimensions within a component to have certain tolerance allowances for manufacturing. These dimensional settings are then transposed into a simple table format that can be positioned and placed within the drawing workspace. This allows the manufacturer and inspector to see the relative tolerance values during processing.

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