Factory Design AND Process Optimization – Executed Simultaneously in AutoCAD

Drastically reduce time and effort for optimum factory design by building your layout AND process model at the same time within AutoCAD®.

Design, Simulate, and Optimize Your Factory Layout Directly in AutoCAD®

Quickly build a spatially accurate layout and process simulation model simultaneously all within AutoCAD, using Factory Design Assets and the ProModel AutoCAD Add-in. Simulate the scaled model directly in AutoCAD with the click of a button. View results in the Output Viewer and easily make, test and validate layout and process changes in AutoCAD. Finalize the model, then view it in 3D with Inventor® and ProModel 3D Animator.


Create an AutoCAD layout using Factory Assets. Then build the process model using flows and other features from the ProModel Ribbon on the AutoCAD menu.


Press “Simulate” and watch your model run with animation in AutoCAD.


View dynamic model output metrics and run “What-If” scenarios. Compare and contrast your “What-If” scenarios in automatically generated reports that display the KPI’s that define an optimized system.


From the process optimization, make any required changes in AutoCAD, then simulate again to confirm the improved results.


Open the final model in Inventor and ProModel 3D Animator to view the layout and model in 3D.


Video: ProModel AutoCAD Edition Overview
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Video: ProModel AutoCAD Edition Demo
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