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Built Around the Electrical Prefab Workflow

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eVolve is an easy-to-learn add-on for Revit, created to improve the electrical prefab deliverable.



What is eVolve™?

eVolve provides a manufacturer-specific parts library, minimizes the time needed by automating sheet set/shop drawing creation, increases accuracy while modeling conduit, eases detailers’ transition from AutoCAD to Revit, and creates a “just-in-time” environment by providing BOM for Purchasing as the detailing model develops. 

Why eVolve™?

The current Revit platform does not provide the modeling and translation tools to be effective. eVolve was created out of necessity to be used in translating the design model into the prefab kits, sheets, and material listing that could be quickly ordered. Created by an electrical contractor for their personal use, eVolve has grown to become much more. 

What is included in eVolve™?

With eVolve you have access to the manufacturer-specific library containing smart parts for conduit, Boxes, Wireway, Strut, Hangers, Hardware, Busway, and Cabletray. With this content you have access to create an immeasurable amount of combinations that should meet the majority of needs. Next, there are tools that improve the modeling process for rotation, precise moving, connecting, and flipping. There are also tools for Revit’s Phases that assist in using them like layers. In addition, tools for layout point creation inside Revit, with an easy system for importing exporting, and checking points. For exporting material listing to Excel, there is the Export Req form tool. This takes a Revit schedule and export direct to a locale excel file. The user can then quickly make any needed changes and send out for ordering. Finally, there is an abundance of sheet creation tools that accelerate the process of making prefab deliverables.

Is eVolve™ My Solution?
  • Do you currently or in the future plan to Prefab electrical components into kits or assemblies?

  • Do you currently or in the future plan to model with system families but wish to create isometric views for prefab?

  • Do you want to have a comprehensive library of electrical parts, but don’t have 2 – 3 years to make it?

  • Do you wish you could create sheets and views for Prefab detailing with the naming convention and title block you choose in seconds?

If yes, eVolve is the solution for you! 

How to get eVolve™?

eVolve is available currently as an annual subscription. With a subscription, you have access to all updates and releases. Training, Support, and Customization are offered at additional cost upon request.