Watch the creation of a dream home utilizing the latest 3D technology.

You'll see how efficient construction leads to a safe job site and how high-precision plans empower project timelines - ultimately saving time, money and simplifying work.

Participate in the contest to see when this dream home will be completed for a chance to win a weekend trip to Florida.

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Top-Notch Technology

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Explore the technology used during building



BIM 360

BIM 360 Layout helped us with more accurate and efficient layout and verification. BIM 360 Coordinate helped us streamline VDC & BIM collaboration.


AutoCAD is chock-full of industry-specific toolsets and comes with greater mobility with a host of web and mobile apps.


The #1 MEP software for Revit makes project collaboration fast, simple, and more productive - ultimately reducing project risk and cost.

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A bundle of services that focus on jump starting a company that is new to Autodesk Point Layout. The services include fundamentals level training and project mentoring.

Design Software


2020 Design

We used 2020 design to design the cabinets throughout the house. This software helps designers capture ideas, inspire innovation and streamline processes


Sapphire helped us with truss design. The software is great for collaboration, design, approval, and on site construction of structural framing.


StrucSoft helped us quickly build the complex wood frame of the house. This was a perfect add-on to use with Revit.


Enscape was a key add-in for our workflow to VR. Utilizing the HTC Vive headset, we can walk around in the model of the house.