Requests for Media no longer free

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Back in October of 2013 I posted this blog, Where’s My Software, to assist you in navigating through the Autodesk Subscription Center website to correctly download your software or request the software to be sent to you.  There has been an update to that blog.

Up til now, it has been free to request your media to be sent to you for you to have a physical copy. Beginning September 29, 2014, Autodesk will charge $30 for installation media requests for all customers, including active subscription clients.  This change for maintenance subscription customers only. Desktop subscription customers and new seat customers already have to pay for media.

Why the change?  Autodesk Software download has become the most effective and environmentally-friendly way to access Autodesk software. The increase in software download adoption confirms that many of our customers find this method most convenient. You still have the right to order the physical media. You just have to decide if the physical media cost of $30 is worth it or if you’d rather have the computer basically do the same thing overnight for free.  

UPDATE 2018:  Now that Autodesk has moved to the collections you need to be aware that if you still prefer to have the physical copy of all the software within the collection then each individual software will be it’s own individual cost.  

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