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We are pleased to announce Applied Software has joined forces with Graitec, a global leader in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing System Integration.

Applied Software will continue to do what we do best – provide exceptional service to our customers. And as part of the Graitec family, we will be able to offer a wider range of training, technical consulting and custom software development. We look forward to working with you!

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PowerPack for Revit

Graitec’s PowerPack for Revit is a key differentiator in effective project delivery. The PowerPack puts performance, automation, and capability in the hands of design teams to help reduce errors, eliminate repetitive tasks, improve project quality and increase operational efficiency and profitability.


PowerPack for Advance Steel

For the professionals in the AEC industry, Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel is designed to improve everyday work and help deliver projects with increased productivity and efficiency. As an extension of Autodesk Advance Steel, the PowerPack extends Advance Steel functionalities by enhancing tools to provide better control and accuracy.


PowerPack for Vault

Graitec PowerPack for Vault for Autodesk® Vault® has functionalities to increase productivity, by speeding up your everyday Vault® data management tasks and workflows. Deployment of extended data management functions, increase control and automation within Autodesk® Vault® Professional and Autodesk® Vault® Workgroup platforms.


PowerPack for Inventor

An add-in for Inventor that features an assortment of new functionalities that increase productivity, speed up your everyday modeling, and improve your workflows. Similarly, all manufacturing industry software users can easily add the PowerPack since it runs on top of Inventor.


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