Revit Selection Frustration?

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Have you noticed that selecting certain types of objects in Revit 2014 has changed in some subtle (and not so subtle) ways? Selecting objects like walls (in elevation or 3D), floors, links, pinned objects, etc. may seem to have become more difficult or in some cases downright impossible. Believe it or not, this is actually an improvement that was added to Revit 2014 that, if you haven’t been paying close attention, you may not have realized you have total control over.

In the lower right corner of your Revit window (somewhere I myself am admittedly not normally looking) are several new controls.

Starting on the left side in the image above:

1) Editable Only. When checked on this will allow you to only select objects that are in editable worksets (if you’re like most people and not in the habit of checking out entire worksets, I’d recommend not turning this on).

2) Select Links. In this image, this is enabled. If it was to be selected at this point, it would be disabled and would display a red “x” and it would not be possible to select Revit links.

3) Select Underlay Elements. If you disable this then you cannot select any objects that are part of the current view’s underlay.

4) Select Pinned Objects. Disable the selection (not just editing of) any pinned objects.

5) Select Objects by Face. When this is disabled, you must select all objects by clicking on the edge of the object. You cannot select an object by clicking on a face of the object, either on purpose or accidentally.

6) Drag Elements on Selection. When you select an object, if this is disabled, you cannot drag it in the same motion as the selection. You have to select, THEN drag (a subtle, but important difference).

I personally find these controls to be a huge improvement in controlling object selection in Revit, and if nothing else, you can use them to play dirty tricks on your co-workers.

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