Services Spotlight: Business Process Assessment

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With the way things are, you’re glad to be busy. And that’s precisely why you need to truly understand your business – your workflows, your processes, the standards you have created, basically the “how and why” behind it all. With a tune-up, your well-oiled business machine will run more efficiently and be ready to get even more work done when opportunity comes to call.

Every company has pain points and operational performance gaps that need to be addressed. The discovery process to identify these inefficiencies will take time, but it’s beneficial in the long run. Once these inefficiencies in your company are pinpointed, you can increase performance and capitalize on business growth prospects on the horizon. One way to do that is by conducting a business process assessment (BPA).

Applied Software will partner with you for your company’s Business Process Assessment. Contact Applied Software today and request your BPA. Through an established process, the Applied experts will help you identify your pain points and address them so you can set yourself up to cash in on business opportunities in your industry.

A BPA can validate your teams’ pain points and help prioritize key initiatives to address them. The BPA enables you to map out a specific execution plan with timelines – identifying the outcomes you want and deciding how to get there.

The key deliverables from a BPA are:

  • a report card that grades you and your team against best-in-class industry standards;
  • process and workflow maps showing current state vs. recommended state;
  • a project plan for moving forward;
  • any necessary training collateral for all teams involved;
  • mentoring resources to ensure the continued adoption and evolution of all changes;
  • a progress plan to keep your organization ahead of the competition.

During the information gathering phase of the BPA, key stakeholders are identified, and your current goals and objectives are determined. Interviews with multiple departments, leaders and managers will help you drill down into workflow processes, including the tools that are used, who uses those tools and how efficiently they use them.

Your resulting BPA report from Applied Software will be developed interactively with your teams. It will review your desired business outcomes, list recommended solutions and set up the next steps needed to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Implementation of the recommendations includes:

  • Deployment plan.
  • Knowledge transfer to the stakeholders.
  • Continuous improvement plan.

The final step is to include a BPA evaluation, which will review your goals and objectives that were gleaned during the information gathering phase and compare them to the recommendations, ensuring that the solutions can be quantified. You’ll get to measure your accomplishments against your goals going forward.  

If your company hasn’t completed a Business Process Assessment, but you’d like to understand your business better, partner with Applied Software today and request a BPA. The Applied experts can help you increase performance and capitalize on business growth opportunities.

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