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Accelerating your success

Business process consulting improves your end-to-end processes.

People sitting around a table discussing Business process consulting

“Applied Software always has the answers and puts in the extra effort to make sure we are up and running before getting offline. For that I will always remain faithful and dependent upon your support as you have towards our business interests.”

Drive competitive advantage

Our approach looks at how your processes, people and technology are working together and then finds areas that will improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Delivering Integrated Business and Technology Solutions

Our business process consulting services include:

Assessing Business Processes to Identify Inefficiencies

  • One of our tools, the Business Process Assessment (BPA), helps organizations identify inefficiencies to increase performance and capitalize on business growth opportunities. The BPA also helps leaders prioritize key initiatives and map out specific execution plans with timelines. Deliverables include:
  • Process / Workflow Mapping
  • Assessment Report
  • Project Plan
  • Training Collateral
  • Mentor Resources
  • Documented Interview Insights
  • Continuity of Progress Plan

Alleviating Pain Points in Small, Mid-Sized and Large Organization

  • We validate the pain points your team experiences in order to uncover larger operational performance gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Resource inefficiencies such as out-of-date technology
  • Workflow processes that lack automation
  • Errors that require continuously redoing work
  • Repetitive or overlapping processes
  • Poor communication within the organization
  • Disorganized or misused data

Collaborating with Proven Tools for Outcomes-Based Results

  • We work closely with our clients to provide measurable solutions with data-backed, quantitative results to make your operations run faster, leaner and less prone to problems. We use our proven toolbox of process improvement techniques:
  • Business Process Assessment (BPA)
  • Data mining to track and collect process data
  • Observation and interviews to assess operations
  • Change management to refine performance
  • Agile methodologies to focus on responsiveness to customer needs

Bringing in Fresh Viewpoints and Real-World Experience

  • Our team is made up of experts in your specific industry with real-world experience in the challenges you face every day. Add in fresh outside perspectives to each project, and you gain transformative performance measures.