Take your design process to the next level with automation, integration, file management and custom solutions.

Professional Customization Services

Computational Design/Design Automation

A problem-solving methodology situated at the intersection of human and machine that is fundamentally reshaping the building and manufacturing industries using Dynamo, Grasshopper, and Rhino.Inside.Revit.

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Process Automation

Optimize cost efficiency and reducing errors.

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Data Management

The modern design process is providing your team with more data then ever before, our team can support you with managing data across teams, platforms and phases of your project.

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Platform Integration

Integrate multiple software platforms across your enterprise, so they work together as a powerful competitive asset.

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Macro/Tool Development

Lean on the Applied software development team to put and end to your redundant and tedious tasks. Address the pain points within your workflow. Our Automation solutions have saved our clients up to 80% of time on complicated tasks.

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Custom Development

The Applied Software Development team is focused on building solutions to tackle your challenges within your workflow.

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