Get the most out of your technology investment

Integrate multiple software platforms across your enterprise, so they work together as a powerful competitive asset.

Two guys working on enterprise business software integrator solutions

“The Applied Software team showed us inefficiencies in our business software and the amount of time we were wasting on outdated systems. They helped us find solutions that fit our business needs while making us more efficient and organized.”

“Applied Software always has the answers and puts in the extra effort to make sure we are up and running before getting offline. For that I will always remain faithful and dependent upon your support as you have towards our business interests.”

Remove Information Silos

Often, business software does not communicate with one another creating islands of automation or information silos. We focus on improving communications in order to increase efficiency, reduce data redundancies and errors, and provide more opportunities for automation.

A holistic and strategic approach

Our services include:

Integrating Legacy Systems with New Applications

One of our specialties is modernizing systems that are critical to day-to-day-operations because legacy technology presents enterprises with significant challenges:

  • The barrier to digital transformation because resources are spent managing legacy IT
  • Outdated systems with significantly higher maintenance costs
  • Security risk are high

Maximizing Automation Across Functions

Our pragmatic approach links applications in order to simplify and automate business processes while avoiding sweeping changes to existing applications or data structures.

Improving Access to Data

Organizational agility and efficiency require quick access to secure and accurate information. By integrating business software, we alleviate pain points in enterprise such as:

  • High costs of data entry and synching across multiple systems
  • Increased errors because of human interaction with multiple systems
  • The data doesn’t flow timely manner from one system to another
  • Slow response time because data does not flow into multiple systems
  • Risks of data breaches