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From Centralized Purchasing, Single-Sign On, Efficient Deployment and License Transferring with a Premium Plan.

Autodesk’s new Premium Plan

Autodesk’s new Premium plan is specifically tailored for medium to large businesses managing 50 or more subscriptions, to help them operate more efficiently. An upgrade to Premium will provide additional administrative, security, and reporting benefits.

The Benefits of Premium


Intended for under 50 subscriptions
  • Product usage reporting
    See aggregate usage reports by frequency, version, and product to provide informed purchasing decisions, avoid version conflicts, and ensure teams are efficiently using the software.
  • 2-step verification
    Users sign in with both an Autodesk password and a security code that is sent to a phone.
  • 8×5 live support
    Live support is available during local business hours, for questions or help with technical issues.
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Intended for 50+ subscriptions
  • Product usage reporting with user details
    View and export more detailed usage by user to provide insight into usage trends and to identify power-users (who can then share product knowledge and best-in-class workflows with others).
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
    SSO provides added security with a one-time sign-on for all Autodesk software products.
  • 24×7 live support
    SSO provides added security with a one-time sign-on for all Autodesk software products.
  • Centralized purchasing
    Reduce confusion and hassle by bringing purchasing under one roof
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Is premium right for your organization?

Have you ever said any of the following?

  • I don’t have time to manually create and add access for each user.
  • I want to purchase centrally for all my employees.
  • I wish I could optimize my subscription based on actual use.
  • Our security standards require SSO.
  • My employees don’t just work between 8-5; I wish I had support for critical issues all the time.

If your business manages 50 or more subscriptions and is looking for more flexibility, increased security, 24/7 live support, and more detailed usage data, then it’s time to upgrade to a Premium plan.

Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the minimum number of subscriptions required for each plan?

    The Standard plan has no minimum requirement; all product subscriptions automatically include Standard features and services. Upgrade to the Premium plan if you have at least 50 subscriptions on Premium eligible products.

  • When can I upgrade my plan to Premium?

    If you are on the Standard plan and want to upgrade to Premium, you can do so anytime or at your subscription renewal.

  • Can I downgrade later?

    Premium is sold as a prepaid, annual plan. At the end of your 1-year term, you can choose to renew your Premium plan or downgrade back to Standard and lose access to the benefits of Premium.

  • How can I purchase a Premium plan?

    TAny product subscription you purchase online, through your reseller, or through your Autodesk representative will include the Standard plan. To upgrade to Premium, work directly with your Autodesk reseller or representative.

Ready for Premium?

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