AEC Design Technology Management Services


If your company struggles with the question “who is able and willing to fulfill the role of CAD or BIM Manager in addition to their full-time billable work?” then this service is tailor made for you. Leverage Applied Software’s expertise of a 30 year CAD/BIM service organization in the part time role your organization requires, without the expense of a full time new hire. Applied Software will work with you to mature your Design Technology capability and the value you provide to your clients.

Many organizations are of a size that does not allow for a full time dedicated CAD/BIM manager. Applied Software (ASTI) can provide the needed CAD/BIM management and support an organization needs without the cost of hiring dedicated staff. ASTI adds value to you with many application specialists and subject matter experts able to provide the services you need. As experts in the field of CAD/BIM ASTI continually updates our knowledge and expertise in Design Technologies that we are able to share with you to keep you current with industry trends and to help you plan for the future.

AEC Design Technology Management

The ASTI technical services team will provide tailored support on a variety of Design Technology related topics. ASTI will provide a dedicated Project Manager to be your primary point of contact, supported by the extended team of ASTI design technology subject matter experts.

The Project Manager will facilitate regular Design Technology Management meetings to help your company get the full benefit of your current technology and infrastructure and provide guidance for future improvements. Topics may include:

  • CAD/BIM Standards Review
  • CAD/BIM Hardware/Software Review
  • Project Team Assessments
  • Project Team kick-off involvement
  • Project Team Consulting/Mentoring
  • Bi-weekly CAD Conference Call
  • Lunch-n-Learn Presentations

Key Benefits

  • Non-Full Time Employee Design Technology Management/Support
  • Access to Broad Industry and Client Experience
  • Monthly Service Payment (based on 12 month contract)