SMART Implementation – Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D


SMART Implementation is a bundle of basic services that focus on jump starting a company that is new to AutoCAD Civil 3D. The services include fundamentals level training, product configuration styles template and pilot project consulting.

This is the first step in a Building Information Modeling (BIM) and AutoCAD Civil 3D implementation. These services are intended to be used in conjunction with a pilot project and team, providing a real business incentive for success. At the conclusion of these services you will have a product configuration styles template to use on all future projects, a team of professionals with AutoCAD Civil 3D training and experience they can build on and use on future projects and consulting hours at the ready for use on the pilot project to coach and mentor the team to ensure a successful use of AutoCAD Civil 3D on the first project.

SMART Implementation is intended as a first step in a BIM Implementation for your organization. Applied Software would like to invest in your organization by conducting a short assessment of your goals and objectives as they relate to your current business operations in order to develop a comprehensive Implementation strategy. In the short term, the SMART Implementation will fulfill some of the most common needs you will have to start your implementation now.