Sharing Plant 3D Projects and Settings


October 19, 2021 | Plant 3D

We request sample projects and templates to help us troubleshoot or understand how you are using Plant 3d to create piping designs. Here’s a few steps you should follow to provide sample projects and content to us.

Create a project backup

In the Plant 3d project you want to share with us, right-click on the project manager, and use the Create Project Backup option (1). Click Change (2) to navigate to your Downloads folder and the create a new folder (3) using {Project Name} backup (4). Click Open backup folder to launch the folder in Windows Explorer (5). You will use this folder in future steps.

Create Project backup
Setting the Backup Folder
Launching the backup folder

Add Spec and Catalog Content

Next you need to add your shared Plant content. To view the folder being used for your shared plant content, open project setup either by right-click on the project name and choosing Project setup, or from Home > Project > Project Manager > Project Setup dropdown.

Open Project Setup

Then go to General Settings > Shared Plant Content. The folder being used for shared content will be listed at the top. Make a note of this path.

Identify Plant Content Folder Location

You will also need to identify your Spec Sheets folder. Within Project Setup go to General Settings (1) > Paths (2) > Spec Sheets Directory (3)

Identify Spec Sheets folder

Close Project Setup

Create a folder named Catalogs within the {Project Name} Backup folder you had created and copy everything from this folder to it.

Copying Shared Catalog Content

Create a folder called specs under {Project Name} backup. If your Spec Sheets directory is not already under the project backup, copy your spec content here.

Project back up with Spec Sheets already included
Project with Specs that had to be added

Add Tool Palettes

P&ID Symbols can only be inserted via AutoCAD tool palettes. To share your tool palettes with us, create a folder call Tool Palettes under {Project Name} backup. In Plant 3D open the options dialog, go to Files > Tool Palettes File Locations, and identify the path.

Identifying Tool palettes

For every folder listed, copy the content the Tool Palettes folder. You may need to create multiple folders to accommodate multiple paths.

Tool Palette files

Compress and Share

After you have built the folder structure and files from above, compress the entire structure into a zip file by right-clicking on the {Project Name} backup folder (1), select Send To (2), and choose Compressed (zipped) folder (3). Then upload it using a OneDrive link we provide.

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