Showing End Types on Spec-Driven P&IDs in Plant 3D

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A question came in today about how to show end types when using spec-driven P&IDs with AutoCAD Plant 3D. Let’s run through the settings to configure the project and show how the spec-driven P&IDs work. We’ll use the following outline as a guide:

  • Configure Project Settings
  • Draw Components
  • Select optional component
  • Run Spec Update

Configure Project Settings

First go to project setup, P&ID DWG Settings > Pipe Specs in P&ID and turn on Spec Driven project.

Then expand Pipe Specs in P&ID and select Pipe Spec Object Mapping (1). Next select the valve category, Property Mapping, and check Update from Spec for the End Connections property. Click OK to exit project setup and save the changes.

Turning on End Connection

If you click the End Connections hyperlink, you can edit the mapping from P&ID end types to 3d part end types.

Draw Components

With spec driven P&IDs turned on, you can select a size/spec to run and the tool palettes update to show what’s in size. Draw a line, set your line information and place some valves.

Select Optional Components

After placing a part you can select it and switch it to a different item using the properties palette.

Run Spec Update

New mapped properties and end types do not update in P&ID unless a spec update is performed. Use PLANTSPECUPDATECHECK or the spec update icon in the status bar (right-click) to update the P&ID for the pipe spec information.

Spec Update Status Icon
Right-click and run spec updates

The updated P&ID will display the valve end types.

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