Autodesk Multi-User Installation Guide (Step 2)

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Assuming you’ve completed step 1 and obtained an Autodesk network license file, you’re now ready to install the Autodesk Network License Manager (aka ADLM or LM Tools).

This step is the easiest step of the network installation guide.  You simply find the  license manager software and install it.  But remember. . .

  • Last year’s license manager will not work with this year’s software.  For every release of the software you must install the latest and greatest license manager.  However, the 2017 license manage will work with the 2018 software.
  • You must install the license manager on the server (or a system that will remain on for other systems to ping).

You can also find the latest version of the license manager at Autodesk’s Downloading the Network License Manager site.

Next you need to configure the license manger.

Step 3:  Configuring the Autodesk License Manager

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