Autodesk Multi-User Installation Guide (Step 4)

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Step 4): Install your multi-user software

You’re ready!  You’ve obtained your network license file and installed and configured the Autodesk Network License Manager.  If not I recommend reading these first:

Now you’re ready to install the software on the user’s systems.  . .

  1. Run the installation executable file that was downloaded with your software.  If you took the default location it will be found in the C:\Autodesk folder and in the specific software you are attempting to install.  Here is an example of the AutoCAD 2020 setup.exe file needed to install the software:Setup
  2. After the software is installed you will then proceed to launch it.  Upon it’s initial launch you will be provided a box to select the license type which you intend to use.  At this point select the multi-user option and then you will be prompted to input the server name for which the license file resides:
    Autodesk Multi User


If you have many users then you might consider creating a network deployment of the software so that you only need to configure it once and then use the deployment image to push and install on any chosen system.  Use the Autodesk Knowledge Network Creating a Deployment guide to walk you through this.  Don’t forget to read the Best Practices for Creating a Deployment guide prior to doing so though.

If you need assistance with single-user licenses please read this:  Managing Autodesk Desktop Subscription Single-User Licenses

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