Subscription How To

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Autodesk Subscription Download Now Method
Since you are on Subscription, the software is available for download from Autodesk Accounts. Your Contract Manager will need to log on with their ID and Password. If you need your ID and password, you can request it from this site as well.
Another way to download the software is using the Autodesk Virtual Agent. To download the Autodesk software follow the steps below.

Go to
Click on the Ask Virtual Agent (Blue Ask at the bottom of that page).
Choose Download Links
Choose the product family you need
Choose the individual product you need
Choose your version and Operating System

SUGGESTION : I suggest that you create your own media (CD, DVD, Flash Drive) for the Install file. This will be helpful in case you need to reinstall in the future and can avoid downloading the software again. The following link has further instructions on how to install the Autodesk Software.
General Installation Tips
When installing any Autodesk software remember the following things:

You must close out of all non-essentials programs especially any Microsoft Office products. In other words, no other programs should be running during the installation of the Autodesk products. If so, they can cause a conflict and result in a failed installation.
You must temporarily disable any anti-virus or similar file scanning software for the duration of the installation.
You must be logged in as a user with local administrative privileges while performing the install.

Software Removal and Reinstall Information (Clean Install Procedure)
Instructions on how to completely remove all Autodesk products from a computer.
Here are helpful activation instructions. Please enter the serial number and product code into the software and it will automatically activate itself. The serial number and product code can be found either in the Autodesk e-mail or at Autodesk Accounts.
You can find general information about Autodesk licensing as well as answers to the most common registration and activation questions on Autodesk website or by visiting the Installation and Licensing Forum.
NAMED USERS (for Desktop Subscription)

How to create a named user and set permissions in User Management (video) (FOR ACCOUNT)
Subscription Center User Management FAQs (FOR SUBSCRIPTION CENTER)

Popular topics for Subscription Customers:

Autodesk Subscription Use of Previous Version FAQ
How to request a license to use previous versions of Autodesk software on Subscription
Autodesk Subscription Home Use FAQ
For Standalone licenses, you can install your software on your home computer using your existing serial number; you do not need to submit a Home Use License Application form.
How to request a license to use Autodesk software at home (for network licenses only)

If you do not know your ID and password, you may contact Autodesk via Virtual Agent for activation support.
Another helpful way to communicate with Autodesk is to CHAT. Go to this webpage Contact Us, fill in forms until “I Still Need Help” button appears, click this button. You will be given the option to CHAT or Submit Support Request. Please contact our helpdesk (800.969.6753 or for more help installing the software.
These are helpful sites for finding System Requirements and Recommended Hardware.
LiveLab Learning – Training
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