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Clinton Cook

In by Ryan Cunningham

Clinton Cook graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Building Construction. Prior to joining Applied Software, Clinton worked for Turner Construction where he performed many different roles and functions within the organization. During his tenure at Turner he was Estimating Engineer, Field Engineer, and a Cost Engineer.

In these roles he has been exposed to most facets of the industry and worked directly with many of the upper management staff. During his time at Turner he actively participated in the Sustainability committee, was a Lean Leader within his business unit and was presented with a National Innovation Distinction award, National Finance Innovation Award and the business unit Making a Difference Award.  His broad industry knowledge combined with his problem solving ability and technical expertise make him a great addition to any team.

As an Implementation Specialist at Applied software he works with project teams to implement new Field management software. He also works closely with the development team at Applied software to help develop custom solutions to real industry problems.