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Dennis Howell

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Dennis Howell is an accomplished professional with over thirty years of experience in Project Management, Technical Account Management, CAD Management and Autodesk software leadership.

In his twenty-five year tenure with Applied Software he has conducted classes for thousands of architects and engineers throughout the United States. Dennis regularly receives accolades from his students who rate his instruction among the best they have received. He is regularly enlisted to lead the training and consulting on new product rollouts. He also frequently mentors and consults with clients on the BIM processes, applicable products that support the BIM process, product upgrade, BIM implementation and transition plans, as well as process improvement strategies so that clients can leverage current technologies and leading industry trends.

As a Senior Application Specialist at Applied Software specializing in Manufacturing Solutions, Dennis provides consulting services, project mentoring and application. His unique background in both project management and technology deployment allows him to provide valuable consulting on executive strategies which assist owners and principals in the deployment of BIM solutions.

During tenure at Applied Software, Dennis has acted as CAD/BIM Manager for services provided to many companies both in the AEC as well as the MFG in the Southeast. Other examples of services included training and BIM project production, Revit Family component creation, programming, implementation of Inventor and Plant 3D.