The Best Kept Secret in Revu

The Best Kept Secret in Revu

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Bluebeam Revu can benefit your team during every phase of construction. Whether it be ensuring that everyone is accessing the same information during the design phase, moving the project forward during the construction phase, or maintaining project data after project completion, Bluebeam Revu streamlines the entire construction process. While some Bluebeam Revu capabilities are well known, one of the best kept secrets in Revu is how it benefits quantity takeoffs.

Bluebeam® Revu® can be used to increase efficiency and accuracy during quantity takeoffs. As Deepak Maini, a 20-year qualified mechanical engineer, will tell you, using Bluebeam Revu prevents costly errors that result from paper-generated processes. Years ago, Deepak hired a contractor to install wood flooring in his home. To his surprise, Deepak witnessed takeoffs that were drastically different than the original estimate. Years later he discovered Bluebeam Revu and has seen first-hand how it can improve accuracy during takeoffs. He has a few tips and tricks that will enable more accurate quantity takeoffs:

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Calibration—Set the scale of your drawings so that measuring and sketching can be done properly. With Blubeam Revu, you are able to set the scale and calibrate the PDF to a single scale or separate X and Y scales. Calibrating each PDF ensures the measurements will be accurate every time.

Tool Chest—Save commonly used markups for easy reuse, and import or share tool sets with project partners. With custom tool sets, you can ensure that everyone is using the same tools to ensure company-wide consistency and efficiency on all projects.

Custom Columns—Add customized columns to define additional data for your markups. This feature allows you to apply various functions to the markup list, including custom formulas. With Custom Columns you are able to see a cost breakdown based on materials and price instantly.

Search PDFs—Search for text and symbols within your document and apply actions to the results. With VisualSearch, you can search for symbols within PDFs and add hyperlinks and highlights, or even apply custom counts to search results. It allows you to identify how many instances a visual cue or object is present in the drawings. VisualSearch sets Bluebeam Revu apart from many other programs that only allow you to search for text.

Bluebeam Revu also has unique markup and measurement tools for contractors in the specialty trades, making the takeoffs process even easier. Whether you are involved in civil, concrete, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, or interior finishes, Bluebeam Revu has customized tools to help you. 

Sound good? You don’t need to take our word for it or even Deepak’s word for it . . . try Bluebeam Revu for yourself with a full working version on a 30-day free trial. Whether it’s Revu Standard, Revu CAD or Revu eXtreme, you will see firsthand how the streamlined processes of Revu enable a more precise and easier project handover and will help you get more done in less time. When it’s time to convert that 30-day trial to a subscription or perpetual license, contact Applied Software and talk to a Bluebeam expert about your firm’s specific needs.

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