The Ultimate Guide on Collaborating with BIM 360 and Plant 3D


First, I love superlatives, so that title is fun. However, we have reviewed a lot of articles and workflows on using Plant 3d with BIM 360 and have not seen anything as comprehensive as needed to really implement BIM 360 and Plant 3d together. As a side note, this documentation is around integration Plant 3D with BIM 360 Design on a BIM 360 team up (Plant 3D 2018-2020).

Update 3/25/2020: We’re finishing up a guide for 2021 to be released shortly

On a side note, this type of documentation is exactly the type of work we put into our Plant 3d Boost offering. So, if you’d like to see more around Plant 3d on Vault or other workflows, be sure to check it out.

Highlights of the guide are that you can use the Desktop Connector as a way to interact with AutoCAD files on BIM 360 Team, but you need to be careful. Also, you will need to make a way to synchronize non-project files. There are many more tips (including a sample project plan), but you can discover the goodies yourself! Here’s a sample of what the synchronize process would look like:

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