Clean Uninstall/Reinstall of Autodesk Products


November 17, 2017 | All, Services & Support, Autodesk

There may be times where the only resolution to get your software to install may be to perform a clean installation of the software.  If that is the case, then these guides from Autodesk may help. ..

To completely remove ALL Autodesk software from a system to make it appear as though no Autodesk software ever was installed on it then it’s  a two-step process:

  • To bulk uninstall, verify if you have the Autodesk Uninstall Tool by doing a Windows search (Windows Key + S) for “uninstall tool”.

If you simply cannot remove a specific software or if you want to verify that all Autodesk has been removed then this tool may help:

To perform a clean uninstall and reinstall of only Revit, Inventor, or Civil 3D then these links will help. . .

Revit Products:

Inventor Products:

Civil 3D Products:

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