Update Your BIM 360 Library Automatically with 360 Sync!


One of the cooler things about my job is the optimism that’s associated with it. People come to us with problems everyday, and we solve them. Sometimes we solve a complex workflow problem. Other times, we help teach a client how to better use software. We might even help Autodesk fix a bug in their software. My favorite thing that we do is create something completely new to solve a problem. That’s what we did when we created 360 Sync with Windows.

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The Problem

People kept coming to us, saying that they really hated updating the BIM 360 Field Library, especially when they had already updated their server, “why can’t the Field Library just Sync with our server?” That’s why we created 360 Sync – to solve this very problem.

I’ve said on just about every blog that I’ve done that the Construction World is filled with redundancy & double (sometimes even triple or quadruple) data entry, and it is one of the biggest sources of frustrations in the industry. We are aiming to eliminate as much of this as possible.

360 Sync User Interface

OK, so what does it do?

Quite simply, 360 Sync links any folder on your computer or windows server with the BIM 360 Field Library. Our customers use it every day to seamlessly update their Field Library whenever any new project documents (answered RFIs, approved Submittals, updated hyperlinked PDF drawings, ASIs, final coordinated models, etc.) is updated on their server. It gives them peace of mind that what you will see on the server is what you will see on your iPad in the Field.

And it takes less than 5 minutes to setup each project. Simply open 360 Sync, log into your Autodesk account, and create a configuration, save it once, and then let 360 Sync update your Field Library.

360 Sync Load Screen

How does it work?

From there, you choose the direction you want data to flow. You can choose from two options: from Windows to Field pushes data from your computer or your server to the BIM 360 Field Library, while Field to Windows pushes data from Field back to your computer or server. Next, you choose the folder with your Project Data inside of it.

Most people use the “Windows to Field” direction to push their revised drawings & documents to Field, while they use the “Field to Windows” direction to push Jobsite Progress Photos to their server, and also to help with Final Owner Turnover.

Once you have chosen the folder you want to sync, choose your BIM 360 project & folder you want the data to populate in BIM 360 Field. You can choose a folder you’ve already created on your Field site, or you can create a new folder straight from 360 Sync. When you’re done, hit OK & Save the configuration.

360 Sync Configuration Setup

How do I update my Field Library?

There are three ways to update your Field Library with 360 Sync.

1) Click the Create Launch Shortcut button & then click on the desktop icon. Whenever you click the desktop icon, 360 Sync will automatically search the windows or server folder and sync it with your BIM 360 Field Library. So whenever an ASI comes in or a revision to a drawing, RFI, Approved Submittal, or whatever data you may be compiling is created or updated, just click the icon. Your files will be updated on demand.

2) You can setup your Sync to run automatically by choosing to Run the Sync on a Schedule. Just click the “Run on a Schedule” button & select when & how often you want the sync to run & hit save. Your Sync will run automatically every day, searching for any changes & updating the BIM 360 Field Library accordingly. You can even have the task repeat multiple times a day. This is great for when you’re using 360 Sync on your server or a computer that is never offline.

3) Copy the command to the clipboard & run it manually in the CMD prompt.

360 Sync - Run on a Schedule with Windows Task Scheduler

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