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December 6, 2022 | Plant 3D

As many of you are aware, our recommendation for xml viewers is Foxe xml (http://www.firstobject.com/dn_editor.htm). It’s a stable high performance xml editor with some nice features. The main reason to use it is for the ability to customize the tree nodes. Doing so allows you to identify specific nodes in a list without having to expand them.

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For example, here’s the filter section of an isoconfig xml displayed in three different programs: XML Notepad, Notepad++, and Foxe.

As noted, the tree customization in Foxe allows us to see the rest of the nodes without expanding them. With the advent of Plant 3D 2023, we need that functionality less, but it still comes in handy for administrators.

XML Notepad Filters

Notepad++ Filters

Foxe XML Filters

To apply the customizations, first download the Foxe Settings text file below.

Then open up Foxe, and go to Tools (1), Preferences (2).

Tools > Preferences

Copy-paste the contents of the settings text file to the Tree Customizations box.

Tree Customizations

The file referenced in the download is the latest and greatest version.

Check out the Applied Software, Graitec Group Guide to Plant 3D for indepth information on the application, answers to challenges, system performance, worksharing, and more.

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