Use Panzura for the Heavy Lifting in Mergers & Acquisitions

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Jason O Schmidt

Does your organization have a strategy that includes mergers and acquisitions (M&A’s)?

A Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report shows that less than half of mergers produce positive results in the first year. Successful M&A’s are a result of extensive planning and the ability to successfully align new business objectives with a new overall busines strategy, but many organizations that complete an M&A don’t fully plan the integration of technology up front. For this to happen, the IT integration needs to be an integral part of the merger integration planning.

With an agile and robust infrastructure that is cloud based, an organization that approaches growth through the M&A process can increase the positive outcomes and make the M&A function much more beneficial for all involved.

Panzura stores your data as a single source of truth in the cloud, allowing your organization to work without creating file versions, duplicating or overwriting each other’s work.

The Panzura Global Cloud File System is the perfect example of cloud-based IT infrastructure. With the help of Panzura, your company’s accessibility to data becomes streamlined, reliable and accurate.

During the M&A process, your IT staff and users can:

  • Quickly consume the new organization’s data;
  • Quickly present that data to your existing organization;
  • Present all the resulting combined data to the new members of the organization.
  • Continue to work as they always have, with no end user training required.  

Panzura Freedom Collaboration allows you to leverage existing hardware that meets minimum requirements or bring in new hardware on which to run the virtual system. It enables global users to collaborate in real-time on a single source of truth.

Panzura allows you to quickly spin up a virtual system and connect to the other organization’s existing system. Their data gets uploaded quickly into the cloud, making it instantly accessible to all other parts of your organization. This can all be done while maintaining access and providing an uninterrupted workflow for all employees.

Once the data is fully integrated, a simple migration or roll-out of new systems can be made to the organization being acquired. At this point they will be online and working alongside others in the new, unified organization.

Panzura will make your IT department and your company stronger and more agile with:

✔️ Blazing fast file performance – the fastest on the planet, with files opening in mere seconds.

✔️ Reduced infrastructure costs – because using the cloud reduces or eliminates the need for traditional network-attached storage.

✔️ Global collaboration without versioning – because the global file lock feature restricts editing to one user at a time.

✔️ Productivity and economy – transmitting only altered portions of files to the cloud and minimizing bandwidth demands.

✔️ Limitless scalability – with every site synced to the cloud and each other every 60 seconds.

✔️ Military grade security – the toughest security measures available, even for data in transit between the local filer and your cloud storage.

 ✔️No extra training – Panzura presents as a Windows file share; so easy that no extra end user training is needed.

If you’d like to learn more about Panzura, contact the Applied Software Digital Transformation Team today to talk to a Panzura expert about solutions for your company’s individual needs.

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