Use the Virtual Agent to Download your Autodesk Software


November 12, 2013 | IT Services, All

(Update March 4, 2013: This method of download has been changed.  I have updated the steps in a new post, here.)

Autodesk has a download portal that enables you to download your software so that you may install it on your computer without having to use the subscription site.  The site has recently been updated, so I’ve outlined the steps below on how to download your software.

  • Go to, click on SUPPORT

  • Click on Customer Service, under the PRODUCT SUPPORT heading

  • Click on ASK

  • In the Virtual Agent Pop Up Window, Select Download Links

  • Click on the product you want to download. In this case we are selecting Autodesk Suites

  • Depending on the product selection above, you may be refining your selection in the next dialog boxes.  In our case, we are now selecting which design suite we want, which is Autodesk Product Design Suite.

  • Finally, we will choose which level of the product.  In this case we will choose Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate.

  • Follow the directions, download the appropriate version, and install.  Note: There are multiple parts to download!  Be sure to download each part, separately.

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