Using 360 Sync with Viewpoint for Projects

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In response to user input and requests, 360 Sync now integrates with Viewpoint for Projects.

How it works:

360 Sync with Viewpoint for Projects works just like other 360 Sync configurations. You choose the direction you want data to flow. Then you choose where you want files to come from and where you want them to go. Finally, you schedule your sync to run automatically every week, day or even every hour.

You can take files to or from Viewpoint for Projects. Whether you’re using 360 Sync to update Viewpoint, or you’re using 360 Sync to back up files from Viewpoint to your server or other point location, 360 Sync has you covered.

Try it out today:

Contact Applied Software today to talk to an expert about 360 Sync and sign up for a demo. You’ll see how using 360 Sync with Viewpoint for Projects can easily help you save time and better manage your data among your server, Viewpoint and other point solutions. Demo and setup are quick and straightforward. Good news: it takes 30 minutes or less to implement 360 Sync within your company.

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