The Autodesk Virtual Agent Mystery Solved! Download your Software


February 24, 2014 | IT Services, All

I’ve created a document in recent months, which outlines the steps users can take to download their Autodesk software, only to have it quickly become obsolete due to changes on the Autodesk website.  I then, created a blog post, which depicted the new method for downloading, using the Virtual Agent on  Once again, my efforts were thwarted by yet another change to Autodesk’s website.  The Virtual Agent no longer appears on the website. So, how do you download your software if you aren’t on subscription, or just want to download your new software while you wait for subscription activation and a software media stick?  Where did the Virtual Agent go?

Oh… it’s there, but you can’t see it.  It is hidden from general view on the website.  This could be the next big secret on the world stage of mysteries, maybe even ranking in the top 5 of the worlds greatest mysteries, right in between Big Foot and Jimmy Hoffa!  Okay, as cool as that would be, probably not going to happen.

A couple of weeks after this change, one of my colleagues, Mark Martinez found the link and shared it with our tech team.  I clicked on the link and it took me to the Virtual Agent, but it’s not really attached to the website at all (see the image below).  When I asked Mark how to find the link on the site, he stated that he didn’t know, just that the link appeared in some document from Autodesk.

I searched the Autodesk website for “Virtual Agent”, and the result was a page entitled, “How to re-download your software”, which gives the various methods, including the virtual agent for those not on subscription.

Here is the link, with all of the URL exposed,

Now that we have found the Virtual Agent, let’s take a look at the steps involved to get your software downloaded.  First, select Download Links from the list.  The next page lists the products available for download.  At this point, they are top level categories, with the Suites at the top.  Select the product category that you want (in this example, I will select Autodesk Suites).

The next screen narrows your search down from the previous selection.  In this case, all of the Design Suites.

If you make a different selection, you will be presented with a subset of choices.  You will continue to make selections to narrow your search down until you are at the actual software download, as depicted below.

That’s it! Mystery solved, download done!  You will then need to complete the install after clicking on the EXE file. You will have the choice of installing as a 30 day trial, or you can input your serial number to activate the product.

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