Vault Professional 2018 – Incorrect Licensing


While working on installing my 2018 Autodesk products, I ran into an issue with the licensing mode of Vault Professional 2018.

During the installation of the Vault Server, I noticed there is no option for selecting Standalone licensing, however, inputting the standalone serial number allows the installation to continue.  After completing the installation of the client, I launched it only to discover what I anticipated might happen – I received a network licensing error.

I had to do a little digging, and found this article on the AKN: Vault Professional 2018 client defaults to network licensing after installation.  The solution is a simple folder delete and restart of the client. You will then be prompted to enter your standalone s/n.  On a side note, I had a separate issue with Vault and Inventor and decided to uninstall and reinstall both. After the re-installation, I did not experience the licensing error. So, now I’m left scratching my head… why didn’t the installer create the same directory it did the first time, and cause the error (or…How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop)?  The world may never know…