What Could You Possibly Teach Others About Making a Wedding Cake?


April 1, 2019 | All, Construction, Fabrication

OK, maybe there’s not much you could teach someone about making a fancy cake. That’s not your business, and maybe the closest you get to “pastry” is a case of wax donuts. Your business is mechanical-engineering-plumbing, and you likely have a sense of the direction fabrication is moving. But is it going willingly or being dragged along kicking and screaming? Are you one of the people at your firm doing the kicking and screaming, or are you the one who is doing the dragging? MEP Force is the place to tell your story.

MEP Force is an exclusive conference, designed specifically to explore improved workflows, achievable deadlines, project and industry leadership. Everyone who attends has something to offer to others and something to learn from them. Do you have a proven way of gaining a competitive edge? Do you have a success story about the new technology that gives your firm that edge? Have you found a way to improve your firm’s workflows so less time is wasted and schedules are actually achievable?

You may not consider yourself to be a “thought leader,” but your peers may. You never know what bits of wisdom they can glean from your industry experience. If you have a story to tell, you are invited to be a session presenter or teach a breakout session at MEP Force in San Antonio, August 26-28, 2019.

To submit a summary of your MEP story, follow this link. If your presentation is chosen, we’ll send you a discount code to register for $750 ($545 off regular price!). Presenters chosen for 3 or more breakout session presentations will receive complimentary entry.

Maybe you love the changes overtaking the MEP industry; maybe not so much. Either way, it pays to know where it’s going and how to avoid being left in the dust.