What’s New for Inventor 2017.3 (Customers with Subscription) Part 1

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Measure Enhancements

  • Easily restart Measure by clicking in the graphics window.

  •  A Dual Unit, Foot-Architectural, is now available for Measure Distance, Loop, and Area.

**Note: Fractions smaller than 1/128 are not supported**

Additional Workflow Enhancement

You can now use a crossing window to select multiple closed profiles when creating features with the Revolve, Sweep, Coil, Chamfer, and Fillet commands.


3D PDF export is significantly faster and now supports View representation color overrides.


Select Tangencies Now Available within Project Geometry Command

The Select Tangencies behavior, previously only available in Parts and Assemblies, is now also available in the sketch environment when the Project Geometry command is active. You can now quickly create a selection set of all the faces or edges tangent to each other in the sketch Project Geometry:

  • With the left mouse button, double-click a face or an edge.


  • Select a face or an edge, right-click, and select Select Tangencies from the context menu.

Projected Sketch References are Now Maintained When Redefining a Sketch

Previously if you redefined the plane that a part or assembly sketch was created on, the projected references were lost (sketch turned green).

Now if you redefine the sketch plane, the associativity is maintained (sketch remains yellow). This applies to the following types of sketch references:

  • Projected Geometry.
  • Projected Loop.
  • Cut Edge.
  • Cross part reference.

New Options in Application Options  Sketch tab Enhance Performance

There are now separate settings for controlling the Look at behavior in an assembly sketch and controlling the Look at behavior in a part sketch in the Applications Option dialog box   Sketch tab.

Now that there are separate settings for part sketch and assembly sketch, you can, for example, disable looking at the sketch plane when editing a component and have Look at enabled when editing an Assembly sketch.

The setting within the Part Environment controls the Look at behavior:

  • When creating or editing a part sketch.
  • When creating or editing a component in part.
  • During in-place edit of a part within an assembly.

The setting within the Assembly Environment controls the Look at behavior when creating or editing an assembly sketch.

New 3D Sketch Mini-Toolbar and 2D Sketch Mini-Toolbar Options

 A mini-toolbar is added to the 3D sketch environment.

 Edit 3D Sketch: Displays when selecting a 3D sketch in the part and sheet metal environment.

Additionally, the following options are added to the new 3D sketch mini-toolbar and to the existing 2D sketch mini-toolbar. The following options display when selecting a 2D or 3D sketch based feature:

  •  Share Sketch: Displays in the part and sheet metal environment and the sketch is not shared.
  •  Unshare Sketch: Displays in the part and sheet metal environment and the sketch is shared.
  •  Make visible: Displays in all part and assembly environments and visibility is off.
  •  Make invisible: Displays in all part and assembly environments and visibility is on

Convert Sketch Text to Geometry

You can now convert part, assembly, and drawing sketch text into sketch geometry (lines, arcs). Use converted text geometry to create text engravings, for example, to laser etch part numbers or stock information onto models.

After the text is converted to standard sketch geometry, the converted geometry is no longer associative with the original text.

Inventor 2017.3 Additional Information

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