What’s the Difference Between BIM 360 Team and BIM 360 Glue?


Yesterday, I received the same question from two customers in different parts of the county. “What’s the difference between BIM 360 Team and BIM 360 Glue?”

I think the confusion comes from all the buzz phrases we see on the web; phrases we can apply to both products.

What I want to focus on in this blog are the differences. There are some important differences between BIM 360 Team and BIM 360 Glue. I will list the major ones below. This list is based on the current version of BIM 360.

BIM 360 Glue 

  • is more for the Construction workflow, but also a great product for the design workflow!
  • can open all the same file formats as Navisworks except RVT 
  • Glue files can be opened directly from the cloud with Navisworks
  • is used for model coordination/clash detection
  • can link equipment assets from the Glue model to BIM 360 Field 
  • allows attaching hyperlinks to model geometry easily integrates with BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Layout
  • Glue button inside of AutoCAD and Revit to easily upload models in the cloud
  • Glue Pinpoint button inside of AutoCAD and Revit to easily locate Glue clashes in your model

BIM 360 Team 

  • is more for the design workflow
  • can open many file formats including RVT files
  • supports 2D & 3D workflows
  • is required if using Collaboration for Revit 
  • does not integrate with any other BIM 360 product

Until next time,