Where Do I Find Updates to My Autodesk Software?


Many times when troubleshooting issues with clients I find that they’re issues could be resolve by simply installing the software updates recommended by Autodesk.  However, I have found that many users have no idea as to where to find these updates. 

Updates are a subscription benefit so users must have an Autodesk account (created by the contract manager) and their contract manager must grant users the rights to the software so that they will then be able to see the updates in their Autodesk account or the Autodesk Desktop App. However, there are times the Autodesk Desktop App does not work, so another option is to have the contract manager manually download and install updates on user’s systems with the contract manager’s Autodesk account or download the updates to a central point on the server and have the users navigate to that location to install the updates.

To access updates via your Autodesk account read this (and there is a short video in the link as well): Install Updates, Add-ons, and Enhancements

To access updates via the Autodesk Desktop App watch this short video:

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