Where’s My Software?


October 2, 2013 | All, IT Services

You’ve paid your subscription fees and you’ve been waiting for your software to arrive in the mail.  And you’ve been waiting and waiting, but, sadly, your mailbox is empty.  Or you did receive your software in the mail, but are shocked to see that there is no serial number on the box.

We take calls quite a bit from clients who are faced with these dilemmas.  This always gets me wondering. . .”Did we not tell them about the Subscription Center?” By now you should know that future releases of Autodesk software will only be available through the Subscription Center. However, you must have software coordinator rights, or have been granted permission by the software coordinator, to download the software.   Someone in your company has coordinator rights. It’s usually the individual who does the ordering. If that individual doesn’t want to deal with the downloading of the software he/she can grant coordinator rights to someone else. Autodesk wrote a “How to assign or change your Software Coordinator or Contract Manager” technical document that explains how to do this in detail.

Once the software coordinator logs into the Subscription Center he/she will want to navigate to the “Downloads” page: 

Find the software you need to download. I recommend downloading the software and then installing it later, rather than the “Install Now” option.  This sounds like more work, but I believe it to be safer and you can save the downloaded contents for future installs/reinstalls.  Be forewarned, it’s not going to be a simple 10-minute download (we’re talking hours here, people).

If you prefer to get your hands on the physical media then simply click on the “Request media for. . .” link and follow the instructions: (Please note that effective September 29, 2014, Autodesk will charge a $30 fee for installation media requests for all customers, including subscription clients. This is a change for maintenance subscription customers only. Desktop subscription customers and new seat customers already have to pay for media.)

You can find your serial number and product key under the serial tab. Of course, you can always contact your reseller and they should be more than happy to provide you the serial number and product key. And, NO, your serial number and product key used for your previous releases WILL NOT work. Every year, every release will render you to use a new serial number and product key:

Most of this is also explained on the main page of the Subscription Center:

One more VERY IMPORTANT note. . .if you are looking to install a single product and you have the design suite serial number, you must download and install off the design suite and then install the single product off the design suite download (or media).  Example: if I want to install Civil 3D and I’ve got my Infrastructure Design Suite serial number and product key, I CANNOT download the single Civil 3D product as shown here:

I must download the Infrastructure Design Suite product and then in there I will find the install for the Civil 3D I need:

Lastly, if you’re not sure which software your company should have licensed to it the contract manager or software coordinator can run a coverage report from within the Subscription Center.  Autodesk has written the How to see which Autodesk products you currently have licensed on Subscription document to assist you with this.