Why Document Search Needs to Be at the Center of Your Project Planning


May 13, 2021 | All

Efficient construction document search and retrieval is the unsung hero of an efficient building project. Project teams who prioritize efficient document search and access at the outset of a project take minutes, hours, even days off their project depending on scope. Every project manager can recall a day (or days) when their inbox was overflowing, their text messages were piling up, and their phone was ringing off the hook with questions coming in from the field.

“Is this A.2.1 v2 the most recent version of this plan?”

“I’m looking in the NEW > NEW RECENT > DRAWINGS folder on the O:// drive and I can’t find the Civil section. Where is it?”

“Can you get me the electrical schedule?”

But this isn’t just a scenario that happens to PMs. It happens to assistant PMs, project engineers, VDC managers, and anyone else who is the keeper of the keys when it comes to construction documents. Information silos can easily get out of hand when trade partners don’t have access to the same platforms or even the same access and permissions that the GC has, or when the folder structure is so complex, even the creator doesn’t know what’s new and what’s outdated.

What if there was another member of the project team who was just responsible for document search and retrieval? No buried folders with confusing names, no information silos spread across multiple platforms with multiple logins. Fewer emails, fewer phone calls, less frustration.

Enter DADO:

DADO is your project assistant that’s equipped with a powerful OCR engine and construction-intelligent search. When working within the limitations of a CTRL-F search, your results are only as good as your search – you’ve got to be exact when choosing your search terms, and you can never ask CTRL-F a question. DADO is flexible: like a coworker, you can ask DADO a full question or make a statement like “show me the water heater schedule.” DADO’s construction-intelligent search algorithms will return related terms. For example, a search for “2nd floor office plan” will return “Second level office plan” if that’s the terminology used in the title block of your drawing.

Finally, DADO’s “easy-in, easy-out” document administration makes getting your documents into DADO a quick and seamless process. DADO’s integrations with the industry’s major cloud platforms mean that construction documents are aggregated in one place, and your team can avoid dipping in and out of multiple programs just to find the file they need.

Again, construction document search can make or break project efficiency. Teams who take time to evaluate their existing document search practices and look at the number of sources of documentation on their project, who has access, and what kinds of roadblocks exist to searching and retrieving the information they need will be set up for success. Fewer miscommunications, fewer headaches, and a lot more jobsite efficiency.

Learn more about DADO’s powerful construction-intelligent search by visiting www.projectdado.com