Why You Should Audit Your Bluebeam Assets


July 7, 2021 | Bluebeam, All

There is a term used in accounting called an “unclaimed asset.”  Essentially, that term is referring to an account or another asset of value that exists without its owner assuming the rights or taking possession of it. You may have seen lists published in newspapers or online from your state government, listing money or property in its possession that belongs to residents but has not been claimed.

In a way, Bluebeam owners face a similar issue; perpetual licenses do not expire. A company could have paid licenses that are sitting unutilized because they didn’t organize them under a single serial number. Employees needing access may have gone directly to the Bluebeam website and purchased a seat themselves, securing a unique serial number and product key without knowing the company had unused licenses available.

While the initiative of the employee may be laudable, the cost of acquiring a new license instead of transferring an unused seat perks down to the bottom line: it’s an added, unnecessary expense for the company.

The Applied Software Bluebeam team can help companies corral their licenses by organizing all outstanding seats under one ‘roof’. Applied Software can compile a list of outstanding Bluebeam licenses for its customers, creating an inventory of assets owned by the company, whether it be Revu Standard, CAD or eXtreme. This allows the customer to know how many paid licenses are available, where they were purchased and how many of them are active vs. inactive.

Now, the client can manage their Bluebeam business better, and with the help of Applied Software, reassign licenses from former employees to those needing a license currently. They can also use Applied Software support to track down lost serial numbers and product keys for their records, matching the asset to the license. Applied Software can also assist in the ongoing management of Bluebeam licenses to help clients make the best decisions on software needs going forward. No more “unclaimed assets.” No more unnecessary expenses.

Contact Applied Software today to arrange your Bluebeam licensing audit.

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