Why You Should Care about Cloud File Systems and Panzura

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Learn about Panzura, the fastest global cloud file system on the planet, in this two minute video:

Remember when everyone sat in the same office and worked like a well-oiled machine? All you had to do to collaborate was yell at someone in the next office. Not so today. Now there are remote workers, duplicate files, no way to tell what’s the latest version of data, thousands of instructions when downloading and uploading files in the cloud. It can make you want to yell, but at no one in particular.

Enter Panzura with its centralized and simplified management. Panzura enables rapid file access, easy collaboration, data compression, and storage optimization. These are the things that can make your team work like a well-oiled machine again – just like having everyone sitting in the same office.

Panzura is worth a demo because of its elite features:

  • Files sync every 60 seconds.
  • No delays when users open files.
  • The most secure environments are supported.
  • No single point of failure.
  • Consumes far fewer resources than competitive products.
  • Offers true cloud redundancy for enterprises.

If it’s time for your company to take cloud file systems seriously, contact Applied Software today and talk with a Panzura expert about ways to transform your cloud collaboration, file access and storage issues. When you put Panzura to work for you, you’ll get empowered by the cloud agility and flexibility it offers your enterprise.

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